Turn messy spreadsheets into useful product data.

Your world-class product deserves a world-class data import experience. Flatfile's CSV importer is the seamless way to turn spreadsheets into product data.

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Flatfile.io - Turn messy spreadsheets into useful product data.



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Built for the best CSV import experience

Flatfile turns messy customer spreadsheets into useful product data without rigid CSV templates or intimidating documentation.

Flatfile.io - Turn spreadsheets into useful product data without CSV templates or intimidating documentation.

Supports all major frameworks

If your product accepts JavaScript, then it can import CSVs with Flatfile! We’re framework agnostic, and have ready-to-go SDKs in Angular, React, Vue, and more.

Flatfile.io - Import CSV files into any app using Angular, React, Vue, and more.

Import intelligently

Flatfile learns over time how data should be cleaned and organized, saving time and making the process more efficient for your customers.

If we had tried to build a data importer ourselves, it wouldn’t be anything as sophisticated as Flatfile. It’s great to have all of Flatfile’s functionality out of the box.

Matthew Cotter

CTO, Co-founder at EmployUS

How Flatfile works

Flatfile is a javascript importer that integrates easily with any web application, framework, or API.

Get a license key

Once you have registered for Flatfile, you’ll get a license key that connects your application to Flatfile.

Configure the importer

After obtaining your license key, you can configure your Flatfile JS snippet with your expected data model and validation options.

Deploy Flatfile

Once the importer is configured, you simply need to tell it where and how to send the import results. After that, all you need to do is add Flatfile as a button in your application.

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